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Our Purpose is to establish and/or re-establish family and community ties via transportation to correctional facilities from the greater Los Angeles, CA. area. Our goal is to service as many institutions in the state as possible starting with same day round trips.


We are proud to offer One Family Transportation that will provide a professional and affordable service for family and friends who wish to visit their loved ones that are in a California prison.

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Family Visiting Services:

Purpose: Establish and/or reconnect family and community ties via transportation from the greater Los Angeles, California area to correctional facilities throughout California.

Goal: Our goal is to service as many institutions in the state as possible. We offer same day, round trips to long distance trips from Southern California to Northern California from the greater Los Angeles area.
Requirements: Each trip must have a minimum of 9 passengers at the quoted rate. Departure times will be on time and there will be no refund for parties that miss the trip to due to lateness.
Payments: Reservations must be made and paid for two (2) weeks in advance of departure date. Under no circumstances will cash payments NOT be accepted for any trips.
Type of trip: Yes, all trips are same day turn-a-round trips unless noted otherwise. 
Transporters’ obligation: Upon arrival at destination’s required obligation will have been met. In the event of some internal matter(s) making it impossible for passengers to enter the facility and visiting house are either delayed or canceled, there will be NO REFUND or rescheduling of the completed service.
Passengers’ obligation: Before reaching the passenger’s destination, please be familiar with the policy and procedures of the facility regarding visitation. Each passengers’ conduct, attire, responsibility for their child(ren), and absolutely no illegal or criminal conduct allowed. Any conduct detrimental to this service will have that passenger(s) barred from service for life.
Departure: Each trip will depart in a timely manner so as to arrive at your destination before visiting hours start. We will maintain a safe driving speed within the legal speed limit allowing for reasonable delays due to unforeseen highway conditions to allow arrival an hour before or right at opening of visiting hours.
Return: Each passenger should board and be ready for departure within 15 minutes after closing of the visitation from the facility back to the Greater Los Angeles area.

Prisons We Service:

Maiden voyages will be limited to under four (4) hours from Union Station in Los Angeles one way. However, we require a full capacity to make a journey. We do have buses so there is no limit to where we will go. Weekend long trips are OKAY, but all trips require full capacity and our buses have 35 seats for the long haul. Long hauls have a varying flat rate as opposed to $0.50 per mile.

** Corona, Castaic, Ventura and Chino Destinations are all 50$ flat rate with a total minimum of 12 passengers required.**



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