NOTE: We do not offer door to door service for pick-up/drop-off. We have 6 locations that we currently pick-up and drop-off from. Please see the Pick-up/Drop-off Locations tab under the HOME tab of this website for more information. 
Each full van must have a minimum of eight (8) people and a maximum of twelve (12) to receive services. A short distance is considered less than two (2) hours. A long distance trip is over two (2) hours. Some facilities may require a full van of twelve (12) and may require an overnight stay at a local hotel due to transit times and distance. If anyone is looking to fill up a van, please visit our Community Forum. The Community Forum will allow you to communicate with other loved ones of the incarcerated who may be looking to visit the same facility.  

*Mobile Rapid Covid Testing Available. Results provided within 30 minutes. Please call 1 (800) 370-1235, ext. 800 for more information*

In-Person Visiting

The COVID-19 Tracker has been updated to include the phase in the Roadmap to Reopening which each institution is in, current COVID-19 testing data, confirmed and resolved cases as well as vaccination rates.

Visiting days, times and availability vary from institution to institution.  The Facility Visiting Status can be found at https://visitorreservations.cdcr.ca.gov/VisitingStatus.aspx .

To make your in-person visit go as smoothly as possible, CDCR encourages you to familiarize yourself with our Frequently Asked Questions. You may also find other answers to questions you may have prior to scheduling a visit.

For more on CDCR’s response to COVID-19, please see our COVID-19 information page at www.cdcr.ca.gov/covid19.